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Welcome to Town Of Salem Mafia!

What is Mafia? Starting your journey into the Town of Salem
Forum Mafia (FM) is a game of deception. The informed minority (Mafia) versus the uniformed majority (Town). The Mafia must confuse and misdirect the Town using their superior organization and communication, and the Town must seek out the Mafia before they are all killed.

FM is about logic, intuition, persuasiveness, mind games, reading ability, and drive. It's a great game to test and improve these skills or to just to have fun.

If you're just entering Salem, welcome! We reccomend taking a glance at our Newcomer Forum Mafia queue. If you're prepared to plunge in, create an account and explore our current games in signups or look for those requiring replacements. Upcoming games are announced in the Announcements thread.

As always, our FM Moderators are ready and willing to answer questions on the forums or in our discord chat.

Please note the TOS Global rules and FM Rules before joining a game.

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